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Fun to Play | Bubbles
for parents and their young children

More Things to Do With Bubbles

These activities are designed for older toddlers. Keep safety in mind. Never leave a young child alone to do any of these activities. Besides, it is more fun to do them together.

Pour your homemade bubble solution into a shallow pan or tray. Round up a few of the following household items to make this activity fun and entertaining for your baby or toddler: plastic bottle with squirt top, fly swatter, and a small tin can open at both ends.

Young children have a tendency to suck on straws, kazoos and funnels before they learn to blow. The following activities need to be done by an adult until your child is older. They will enjoy watching you “blow” bubbles with straws, kazoos and funnels.

Try making a giant bubble the size of the tray or pan. Dip one end of the straw in the solution, then hold the straw slightly above the solution. Blow very gently. You may have to try this a few times to make a really big bubble.

Try dipping a fly swatter into the tray or pan filled with bubbles. Practice blowing or waving the fly swatter through the air. What size bubbles does the swatter make?

Pour a small amount of solution into the squirt bottle. Shake it up and squeeze bubbles out of the squirt top.

Try making bubbles with a tin can. Remove both ends from the can. File down all sharp edges or cover edges with tape. Dip the can into the solution so that you get a soap window across the end. Blow gently into the other end to form a bubble.

Make a simple six-hole bubble blower by threading a bamboo skewer through the center of a plastic six-pack holder. Wrap the pointed end with a piece of tape or break it off to prevent injury. You can make a single bubble blower by cutting the plastic rings apart and attaching one ring to a wooden art stick for a handle.

bubbles and wand
children blowing bubbles

Wave plastic strawberry baskets dipped in the bubble mix and see what happens.

On a very cold day, bubbles will freeze instantly. Try poking a hole in a frozen bubble. If you are careful, it won't break.

Do you have a spare kazoo around the house? Dip the kazoo into the bubble solution and blow. It makes the funny kazoo sound as well as sending a stream of bubbles into the air.

Dip the large end of a funnel into the solution and blow through the small end of the funnel.

Blow through a straw as you move it slowly across the surface of the pan or tray. What size are your bubbles?

Blow through a straw as you move it slowly across the surface of the pan or tray. What size are your bubbles?