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Making a Memory Book

If you saved the front page of the newspaper on the day your baby was born, and any public announcements of his or her birth, you can use them to start a memory book. You can use a scrapbook, a school size notebook or invent your own book, making it as fancy or as simple as you like.

supplies for making a memory book

Add the front page of the newspaper and the birth announcement to your book. Later on your baby can look at it and see all the things that were happening on the important day she was born.

Write down all the great “firsts” in your baby's life — the first time she smiles, walks, talks, sits up, crawls, etc. You may want to record dates and symptoms of illness, immunizations, monthly growth, and new teeth. If you have photographs of your baby, you can add them too. As she grows older, include drawings that she makes. You can note the things he learns, what she likes and doesn't like, and clever comments she makes in his early years.

The memory book will be one way for your child to learn about his roots and to learn about himself. It will not only give him enjoyment, but will serve as a good record of his early years.