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Fun To Play

Fun to Play | Blocks and Boxes
for parents and their young children

Building Up/Knocking Down

Make a block tower, or stack empty containers that have lids on them. Encourage your child to make one like yours. Begin with three blocks. Add one, then have your child add the next one. With the two of you taking turns, see how high you can stack the blocks.

Variation: You build the tower and invite your child to knock it down. Ask your child to build the tower and let you knock it down. Your child begins to learn about cooperation and working together by having the opportunity to play the role of the builder-upper and knocker-downer. Remember that cleanup is part of play. Help your child put the blocks back in the cardboard box or container that they are stored in. Tell your child what a good job he/she did.

(Twelve to twenty-four months)