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Fun To Play

Fun to Play | Balls
for parents and their young children

Balls Songs and Fingerplays

Here's a Ball

Here's a ball
(Small circle made with thumb and index finger)
And here's a ball
(Large circle made by using both thumb and index fingers)
A great big ball I see
(Huge circle made with arms)
Shall we count them? Are you ready? One, two, three.

(Traditional, United States)

Let's Play Ball

Great Big Ball

A great big ball
(Make a big ball with your arms)
A middle-size ball
(Make a small-sized ball with both hands)
A little ball, I see
(Make a little ball with thumb and index finger)
I guess I'll count them
One, two, three.
(Make balls as you count them)

(Traditional, United States)


Baa, Baa, Black Sheep

A little ball,
A bigger ball,
(Shape hands to make a ball)
A great big ball I see.
Now let us count
(Point with one hand – to count)
The balls we've made,
One, two, three.
(Can be adapted to “Goldilocks”)

(Traditional, United States)

pyramid of balls

One is a Giant

One is a giant who stomps his feet
(Stomp feet around room.)
Two is a fairy so light and neat
(Flit around the room arms flapping.)
Three is a mouse that crouches small
(Crouch low face down.)
And four is a great big bouncing ball!
(Jump up and down, clapping hands.)

(Traditional, England)

the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4

As Light as a Feather

As light as a feather,
As round as a ball,
Yet all the king’s men
Cannot carry it at all.
(Ask your child “What is it?” Answer: “A Bubble”.)

(Traditional, England)


Now Tall, Now Small

I’m stretching very tall.
(Squatting position to standing)
And now I’m very small.
(Standing to squatting)
Now tall, now small,
(Squatting to standing and standing to squatting)
Now I’m a tiny ball.
(Curl into a ball)

(Traditional, United States)


Roll the Ball to Me

(Chant. Gesture baby to roll the ball towards you.)
Roll the ball,
Roll the ball,
ROLL the ball to me.
Roll the ball,
Roll the ball,
ROLL the ball to me.

Additional verse:
Catch the ball from me...
Bounce the ball to me...
Throw the ball to me...

(Traditional, England)