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Fun To Play

Fun to Play | Nature
for parents and their young children

Water and Sand Play

WATER PLAY Put a dish pan of plain or soapy water outside on a warm day. Give the child cups, spoons, funnels and a small pitcher to play with on his own. Fill a small plastic bucket with water and give your toddler a paint brush and see what he can find to paint. Never leave a baby unattended when playing in or around water. It only takes a few inches of water to cause drowning.

SAND PLAY Put a number of sand toys in a sand box or a dish pan of sand. Include toys for dumping, filling, pouring and scooping. Try toys such as plastic cups, bowls, spoons, funnels, plastic sifters, shovels, buckets, etc. Always cover an outdoor sand box to prevent animals from littering in it.

Variation: As an alternative to sand, consider filling the dish pan with cereal such as puffed rice or Cheerios. Buy the least expensive brand.

(1 Year and older)

water and sand box