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Fun To Play

Fun to Play | Touch, Sight and Hearing
for parents and their young children

Texture Box

Fill a box with a variety of scraps of materials that have different textures your toddler will enjoy touching, feeling and talking about. Put the box where your toddler can take the scraps out and feel them. Help your child give the objects names and describe how they feel. Foil is smooth, sandpaper is rough, fur is soft.

Here are some ideas of scraps to put in the box:

  • corrugated cardboard
  • wide elastic
  • aluminum foil
  • plastic bubble sheets
  • ball of masking tape
  • vegetable brush
  • wooden block
  • netting
  • fake fur
  • sandpaper
  • sponge
  • vinyl
  • carpet scraps

(Twelve to Eighteen Months)

box with texture