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Fun To Play

Fun to Play | Music
for parents and their young children

Swinging to the Music

Music and movement naturally go together. Your unborn or newborn baby will enjoy the sound of music and the gentle movement of your body as you rock and sway your baby. When your baby is five months old and has gained more upper-body control, the two of you will enjoy dancing to the slow songs on the radio. Your older toddler will have fun rocking and swaying with you to favorite children's songs. Demonstrate how you rock from side to side or from front to back as you keep time to the music. Swing your arms from side to side and round and round. Your child will have fun watching and imitating these body movements. Your older preschooler will be able to lead you in a simple exercise routine because walking, running, galloping, bending, stretching, pushing and pulling are all fully developed skills. Find some good music, put on your comfy clothes and spend five or ten minutes working out with your four year old.

(Newborn and Older)

girls dancing