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Fun To Play

Fun to Play | Small Motor
for parents and their young children

Stringing Macaroni

Toddlers will love stringing large macaroni onto a shoestring or heavy cord. This is an excellent activity for developing eye-hand coordination. All you need is a shoestring, heavy string, or cord, and some manicotti, cannelloni, or other variety of large pasta. Let the child string the pasta onto the shoestring.

This is a great quiet activity for you and your child, and it can be repeated time and time again with the same supplies. Tie one piece of macaroni at the end of the string if you don't want the macaroni to fall off.

Variation: Use large wooden beads, plastic or wooden spools or cereal with holes.

Safety factors: Dry macaroni could be swallowed by a young child. Use only large sized macaroni until the child is older.

Discard any broken pieces; they are sharp.

(Fifteen to Twenty Months)

string macaroni