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Fun To Play

Fun to Play | Dramatic Play
for parents and their young children

Prop Box

A prop box encourages dramatic play and dramatic play encourages language use. A prop box is easy to put together. Find a big box or old suitcase that can be used to store special stuff such as a lunch box, paper shopping bags, keys, dishes, a toy telephone, cash register, steering wheel, plastic flowers, old camera, etc. You might consider only putting things in your box that relate to one theme, such as playing doctor or playing store; or you might have a prop box that has an assortment of items that could be used for several different themes. Play with your child using the items from the box, but also encourage your child to play independently with the fun things. Check the contents of the box regularly for worn or broken items. Throw away anything that is no longer safe for your child to play with.

(Eighteen Months and Older)

prop box