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Fun To Play

Fun to Play | Nature
for parents and their young children

Nature Walk

A daily walk or outing with an infant is a good introduction to the great big world we live in. If you are in the habit of taking your baby for a walk or stroll as a newborn, then you won't be surprised when he is ready to take you for a walk as a toddler.

There is so much to explore and discover. Don't forget to notice the changes that the different seasons bring. Here are some ideas for children of all ages:

Newborn - brush his cheek with a soft blossom or a small flower. Take him for a daily walk in the fresh air.

Crawler (6 months) - let him enjoy crawling in the dirt or grass. He will enjoy the leaves blowing in the wind. If it is safe, let him touch and hold some of the things he finds in his travels.

Walker (12 months) - be sure to allow time for exploring. Pebbles, caterpillars, leaves and grass along the way can be just as interesting as the swing set.

Doer (18 months) - give him a shovel or a spoon to dig with. He will be more interested in things he can do outside than in discovering things on a walk.

Tester (24 months) - be prepared to name all the things you see. Your two year old will already know the names of many things he sees outdoors. He will be more willing to go on a walk if he has a special nature bag to collect his special treasures.

(Newborn to Thirty-six Months)