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Fun To Play

Fun to Play | Nature
for parents and their young children

Nature Things To Look Forward To

Here are some ideas for children newborn to three.

Heads Up (Newborn-1 month) - Bring nature indoors to a newborn. Give him plenty of fresh air and sunlight. Get in the habit of taking a daily walk.

The Looker (1-4 months) - Take a walk in the stroller, and talk about what you see. Notice the seasons as they change. Hang a wind sock or bright streamers outside where he can watch them blow in the wind.

Creeper-Crawler (4-8 months) - Take the baby out of the stroller and let him crawl in the dirt and grass. Watch him carefully to make sure he doesn't put unsafe objects in his mouth.

The Cruiser (8-12 months) - Talk about the things you see outside—give them names. Your child enjoys splashing water and squeezing a sponge.

The Walker (12-18 months) - Make a nature bag to collect things you find in the yard or on a walk. Your child will want more time to explore. Paint the house or the sidewalk with a plastic bucket of water and a small paint brush.

The Doer (18-24 months) - Give him a shovel and a spoon to dig. He will be more interested in what he can do than in discovering. Place puffed wheat in a box, dishpan or an old suitcase. Hide some juice lids or other metal objects in the bottom. Fish out the metal with a magnet.

The Tester (24-36 months) - Make a collage with the things you collect in the nature bag. Your two year old will know the names of many things in the environment. He will be more curious and willing to go on a nature walk. Your three year old will jump at the chance to go to the lake to feed the ducks.