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Fun To Play

Fun to Play | Music
for parents and their young children

Music Things To Look Forward To

Here are some ideas for children newborn to three.

Heads Up (Newborn-1 month) - Music is very calming and soothing to an infant. Play soft music to calm down a fussy baby. Rock baby to the rhythm of the music or dance with her to the beat. Sing simple songs and lullabies.

The Looker (1-4 months) - Sing a soft lullaby like Rock-a-by-Baby. Baby likes the sound of your voice. He turns his head to hear sounds.

Creeper-Crawler (4-8 months) - Hold baby on your lap and gently bounce her, and sing songs such as Ride-a-Cock-Horse moving to the rhythm—bounce higher, starting slowly. Sing Row Row Your Boat. Respond physically to the music, dancing and bouncing and moving the whole body. She will babble to the beat of the music.

The Cruiser (8-12 months) - Baby will try to clap to rhythm—try clapping with flat hands, cupped hands, fingertips or the back of the hands. Show your baby how to bang a spoon on a pan and ask him if he can do it too. Continue to bounce to the rhythm. He will imitate sounds that he hears—highs and lows.

The Walker (12-18 months) - Let your baby have some free play with his kitchen band. Put jingle bells on his shoes. He will sing and dance to his favorite music. He will bounce to the beat of the music.

The Doer (18-24 months) - Do dance exercises together to music. Encourage your child to move her body in a variety of ways—bending, stretching, swaying and balancing on one foot.

The Tester (24-36 months) - Your older toddler will enjoy painting to music. If he hears a slow song, will he paint slowly? What happens if the tempo picks up? Will he paint faster? Your child has more control over his voice. He loves to dance to the rhythm of the music. He dances spontaneously. He will sing and hum while playing.