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Fun To Play

Fun to Play | Puppets
for parents and their young children

Milk Carton Puppet or Mobile

Materials needed:

  • scissors
  • clear tape
  • milk cartons (half gallon or smaller)
  • rubber cement
  • string or yarn
  • wrapping paper, construction paper, or colored paper

Puppet: An empty clean milk carton can be transformed into a colorful puppet or mobile for your baby. Collect several milk cartons. Rinse and dry them completely. Colorful wrapping paper or construction paper will hide the label. Coat the carton with rubber cement, and allow to dry. Apply rubber cement to the back of the paper, and allow to dry. Wrap the paper around the carton, and press firmly. Finish the end of the carton as if you were wrapping a package. Hold the end in place with clear tape. Apply rubber cement to the open end of the carton. Cut two pieces of paper to make the face. Apply rubber cement to the back of the paper, and press firmly to the open end of the carton. Decorate the rest of the carton according to the animal or object that you are making.

Mobile: To make a mobile, punch a hole in the carton. Thread string or yarn through the hole, and secure with a firm knot. You might also make a mama animal out of a 1/2 gallon carton. Punch several holes in the bottom of the carton, and attach string so several little critters could hang down from the mama.

(Newborn and Older)

milk carton cat
milk carton fish