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Fun To Play

Fun to Play | Touch, Sight and Hearing
for parents and their young children

Looking at the World Through Colored Tubes

Save the empty cardboard tubes from paper towels or plastic wrap. Save or purchase colored cellophane for the "colored tubes." Cut squares of cellophane big enough to cover the end of the tube with about an inch hanging over on all sides. Secure with a rubber band. Look around the room at different objects. Are there some things that you can't see? If you look through a red tube, can you see green? If you look through a blue tube is there a color that you don't see? Your young child will enjoy seeing the world in a different color. Remember to put the colored tubes away as soon as your child loses interest in the game. The rubber band and small pieces of colored cellophane could be dangerous. A young toddler could choke or suffocate if any of these pieces are swallowed.

(Twelve Months and Older)