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Fun To Play

Fun to Play | Large Motor
for parents and their young children

Large Motor Things To Look Forward To

Here are some ideas for children newborn to three.

Heads Up (Newborn-1 month) - Baby raises head slightly off floor or bed, when lying on stomach. Baby holds head up momentarily when supported.

The Looker (1-4 months) - Baby holds head erect, bobbing, when supported in sitting position. At three months, baby lifts head and chest when lying on stomach. Baby has vigorous body movement. Head control is improving. By four months, baby has good head control. Baby rolls from side to side. Baby can hold his chest up with minimum arm support. Play "This Little Piggy." Tie a bright colored scarf around your neck and let baby reach for it.

Creeper-Crawler (4-8 months) - Baby proof now because baby is rolling over and creeping. Make sure his world is safe. At age six months baby sits with minimal support and rolls from back to stomach. Baby will begin to enjoy listening to fingerplays.

The Cruiser (8-12 months) - At ten months baby sits alone and changes position without falling. Baby pulls self to standing and may take steps with support.

The Walker (12-18 months) - By fifteen months, your toddler should be walking without support and stooping to pick up toys. By eighteen months your toddler walks, runs a bit and climbs up or down one stair and can walk backwards. Toddlers like pull toys. You can make a simple pull toy by tying a string to a shoe box and making it into a train. Make sure baby doesn't wrap string around neck.

The Doer (18-24 months) - Your toddler can kick large balls and walk up several steps. By the second birthday, most toddlers jump up and enjoy playing games that require this skill. Let your toddler paint with water.

The Tester (24-36 months) - Your child can do so many things. A new trick is being able to do the broad jump and beginning to balance on one foot. Your child can ride a tricycle and open doors. Your child will love learning the "Hokey Pokey."