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Fun To Play

Fun to Play | Kitchen Capers
for parents and their young children

Kitchen Capers Things To Look Forward To

Here are some ideas for children newborn to three.

Heads Up (Newborn-1 month) - Take a shiny spoon or fork, and move it back and forth in front of your baby so she can follow it. Make a Sun Catcher and hang it over her crib or changing table. Move it to another location periodically.

The Looker (1-4 months) - While working in the kitchen, place your baby in a secure infant seat. Make sure the seat can not tip over and hurt him. He will be interested in listening to the sounds you make in the kitchen. Talk to him as you do your chores. Place the poison control phone number next to your phone.

Creeper-Crawler (4-8 months) - Give your baby a few safe kitchen toys to play with, such as a box of spoons to spill, Your six month old will teach you the High Chair Drop game, so be prepared. Give your eight month old a drawer or a cupboard of her own for kitchen toys.

The Cruiser (8-12 months) - Give your nine month old her own pot and lid. Show her how to make the sound of cymbals and drums. An aluminum drip coffeepot is fun to take apart and put together. Empty food containers can be used as building blocks.

The Walker (12-18 months) - Your toddler is mastering learning by doing. He stands on his own and is learning, or has mastered the art of walking. He now wants to pull up a chair and work right along side you. He will be content to play at the kitchen sink until there is not a drop of water or a bubble left. Give him opportunities to learn about "sinking" and "floating."

The Doer (18-24 months) - Your toddler will enjoy "baking" with play dough. Rolling, cutting and pounding the clay will keep her busy for a while. She will love playing with blocks made from salt boxes, egg cartons and milk cartons. Make a kitchen Capers matching game.

The Tester (24-36 months) - Don't let your three year old know that sorting the spoons, forks, and unsharpened knives is work. He will think its play. This is good way to get him into the habit of "helping" with chores when he is a little older. He can put small plastic items in the dishwasher or a lower cabinet after they are dried. The kitchen gallery will be filled with his creations. A Tea Party should not be limited to girls! Take time out from your busy schedule to share a cup of tea and homemade cookie with your pre-schooler. Before you know it, he will be setting up his own household.