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Fun To Play

Fun to Play | Kitchen Capers
for parents and their young children

Kitchen Capers Matching Game

Gather up some old magazines, catalogs, thin cardboard, scissors, and glue. Find pictures of familiar household objects such as a spoon, fork, cup, table, chair, large kitchen appliance, small appliance and so forth. Cut out each picture and glue it to a piece of cardboard. Show the picture to your child and ask him if he can find the "real" cup or fork in your kitchen. Ask him name the color of the item in the picture. Ask him if the "real" one is the same color or if it is different... You can make it more challenging by finding several pictures of the household items that are different patterns or brands or styles. Ask your child to find the all of the spoon pictures. Have fun making your own variations to this game.

(Eighteen to 36 Months)

pot and pan with faces