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Fun To Play

Fun to Play | Nature
for parents and their young children


Collect an empty milk carton and rinse it out. Fill the carton with water and several drops of food coloring. Make sure the water is a deep color. You may want to add a few more drops of coloring. Place the carton in the freezer for several days. Remove the carton from the freezer, and tear the carton off the ice. Place the large block of ice in a dishpan or tray and watch it melt. Your toddler will be curious about the color. She will want to touch it and splash in the colored water. Your pre-schooler will tell you how cold the ice feels. This is a good activity for a hot summer day. Do not leave your child unattended while playing around water. Remember, even the few inches of water in the melting ice pan can be dangerous.

(Eighteen to Thirty-six Months)

cake near milk carton