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Fun To Play

Fun to Play | Music
for parents and their young children

Homemade Band

Gather up some old household and recycled items and make a homemade band for your child. Drums can be made out of pots and pans and wooden spoons. Margarine tubs with or without lids and coffee cans also make great drums. Rhythm sticks can be made out of short pieces of wooden dowel or wooden spoons. Salt boxes, oatmeal boxes and plastic jars with dried beans and tight fitting lids make terrific shakers. Sauce pan lids are a natural for a set of cymbals. Find other things around your house that will make simple homemade instruments. Better yet, keep this set of instruments aside just for her. It might help keep her out of your good things. Have fun making music with your baby. Put the band instruments away as soon as she loses interest. Check all items for sharp edges, loose fitting lids or splinters. Discard all unsafe items.

(Twelve Months and Older)

pot and spoon