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Fun To Play

Fun to Play | Kitchen Capers
for parents and their young children

High Chair Drop

Here's a few ways to play the pick-up-what-I dropped game. Tie a few of his toys to his bounce chair, highchair or play pen. Put them on short 6" strings or shoelaces.

Some objects which might interest him are:

  • a metal cup with handle
  • wooden spoons and utensils (to bang and explore)
  • small metal pie tins (make a small hole for the string)
  • old reels from cellophane or adhesive tape
  • plastic cookie cutters
  • a napkin ring
  • a large rubber disk for stopping tub drain
  • any sturdy rattles or toys
  • a new, washed kitchen sponge
  • tennis ball attached by poking a knotted string through a slit in the ball

He can still lean over, grasp them, pull them up, and drop them all over again.

(Six to Nine Months)

baby on chair