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Fun To Play

Fun to Play | Touch, Sight and Hearing
for parents and their young children

The Hearing Test

Test your child's hearing by playing a simple game of guessing what is in the container. Fill empty cans or film containers with different-sounding objects (beans, macaroni, marshmallow, rocks, paper clips, cereal, etc.) Shake the cans. Ask your child if the sound is loud or quiet and what is inside that makes each noise. Open the container and show the contents.

Play a game with your newborn using a container with a tight fitting lid that has a few dried beans inside. Show her the new toy, and then gently make the rattling sound. She may try to see where the sound is coming from. You might want to cover an empty peanut can with contact paper, add beans and secure the lid with clear tape. Throw the toy away when it is no longer safe.

(Four Months and Older)