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Fun To Play

Fun to Play | Touch, Sight and Hearing
for parents and their young children

Feely Glove

Find an old glove and some different fabric scraps that you can turn into a fun toy for your baby. Attach small pieces of fabric to the fingers of a glove by sewing or using a non-toxic glue. Put the glove on and let your baby feel the different textures. Talk about how they feel. When she gets older, let her put the glove on her hand and feel the fingers. Here are some ideas for fabrics:

  • Felt
  • Fake fur
  • Silk
  • Burlap
  • Corduroy
  • Netting

Be careful that your child does not chew off the fabric. Like all homemade toys, this one is designed to be played with an adult. Put the glove in a safe place when your child is no longer interested in playing.

(Two to Eighteen Months)

glove with different fabric at the tips