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Fun To Play

Fun to Play | Small Motor
for parents and their young children

Cloth Blocks

Materials needed:

  • Scrap of cloth fabric
  • Polyester stuffing or nylon stockings
  • Jingle bells and film canisters
  • Block pattern

Trace over the pattern in the handout. Using pattern, cut one piece of fabric for each block. Bring eight outside edges together and sew forming a cube. Leave the top open. Stuff the block with polyester stuffing or old nylons that have been washed and dried. For sound effects, place jingle bells inside the plastic film canister and secure the lid. Place in the center of the block and cover with stuffing. Sew the remaining seams closed by hand. Check the cloth periodically and make sure the seams are secure and the stuffing is not coming out.

Use bright colored fabric with patterns and objects that will catch baby's attention. Your baby will have many hours of enjoyment holding and playing with this simple handmade toy. Make several for gifts.

(One to Four Months)

cube cut out