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Fun To Play

Fun to Play | Clay and Other Dough
for parents and their young children

Clay and Other Dough Things To Look Forward To

Here are some ideas for children newborn to three.

Heads Up (Newborn-1 month) - Make a ball out of colored dough. Move it back and forth in front of baby so she can follow it.

The Looker (1-4 months) - Make a mobile for your baby out of different shapes and colors of clay dough. Change it often as dough can dry out and become brittle.

Creeper-Crawler (4-8 months) - Play "Patty Cake" with your baby.

The Cruiser (8-12 months) - Check with your pediatrician and see if baby can eat peanut butter. At this age, baby will enjoy the edible playdough.

The Walker (12-18 months) - Your walker will enjoy playing with the dough—pinching, poking, patting and breaking up the dough. Remember, clay dough is not food. Play with your child and put it away when your child tires of the activity.

The Doer (18-24 months) - Your older toddler will enjoy using various tools and objects with the clay dough. Rolling pins, cookie cutters, kitchen gadgets with interesting surfaces and wooden mallets will keep your child busy. Have The Doer help make the clay dough.

The Tester (24-36 months) - The Tester will ask why we are making homemade clay dough and not buying the stuff from the local toy store. The Tester will enjoy making the dough and creating a multitude of critters that can be saved or mashed up and made into something else. The Tester will enjoy the feel and the texture of the dough.