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Beef Quality Assurance Seminar at Nevada livestock events

Posted 5/4/2007

University Cooperative Extension systems of Nevada, Idaho and Utah will present an interactive, three-piece exhibit entitled "Beef Quality is Every Cattleman's Business."

"This presentation is for manufacturers committed to proper animal care, handling and management," said Ron Torell, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension livestock specialist, "and is intended to assist every cattle producer in improving the quality and consistency of our beef products and increase the overall demand for beef."

The traveling seminar will visit participating states in 2007 to address such issues as proper management, targeted breeding and responsible culling. The exhibit schedule is as follows:

  • Feb. 6-10: Spokane, Washington during the Ag Expo
  • Feb. 13: Provo, Utah at Utah Beef Cattle Field Day
  • Feb. 17: Fallon, Nevada at Fallon Livestock Exchange with Nevada Cattlemen's Association Bull Sale
  • March 10: Yerington, Nevada at Snyder's Feedlot with Bulls for the 21st Century Sale
  • Nov. 7- 9: Nevada/California Cattlemen's Association joint conventions, John Ascuaga's Nugget, Sparks, Nev.

One presentation addresses customer satisfaction by helping producers understand factors affecting carcass quality and yield grade. A second lecture examines the role of producers' daily management and how to avoid certain product defects. The timely marketing of cull cows, enhancing their value and the overall efficiency of the herd will be topics explored in the third and final presentation.

The unique program will use detailed props, photos and diagrams to assist in educating cattle producers about beef quality. Taxidermy specimens will also display various conditions to provide an interactive and visually stimulating learning experience for attendees. Stages of ocular neoplasia (also known as "cancer eye"), teeth from cows of varying ages, feet and leg conditions, good and bad udder conformation, injection-site locations and lesions, damaged hides, a ribbed "ideal" carcass, and other items will be exemplified.

This program was initially developed in Alabama and has since been purchased by the University of Idaho, in partnership with University of Nevada Cooperative Extension and Utah State University.

For more information on the Beef Quality Assurance exhibit or to request the program repeated at a function or location near you, contact Ron Torell at 775-738-1721 or by email.

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