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Workshops on creating jams and conserves offered

Posted 11/21/2018

five jars of jam

Cooperative Extension’s food preservation workshops teach U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines for creating jams and conserves through hands-on training.

Cooperative Extension offers food preservation workshops starting December 3

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension’s Food Preservation Program will be offering workshops on jams and conserves Dec. 3 — 18 for anyone who wants to learn the basics of creating a jam or conserve.

“These workshops will provide information on water bath canning, equipment and elevation, and demonstrate the process of canning a jam or conserve,” said Cooperative Extension Certified Master Food Preservation Trainer Elizabeth Mapula, manager of the program. “Participants will learn the difference between jams, jellies, conserves and preserves.”

There are three workshops: strawberry jam, cranberry conserves and blueberry conserves. The strawberry jam workshop will be held twice, and both the cranberry conserves and blueberry conserves workshops will each be held three times. Preregistration is required, and the cost is $5. Workshops will be held at the Clark County Cooperative Extension office, 8050 Paradise Road, Suite 100 in Las Vegas.

The strawberry jam workshop will be held:

The cranberry conserves workshop will be held:

The blueberry conserves workshop will be held:

For more information regarding workshops, contact Mapula at 702-257-5517 or

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