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View youth photography at the Eureka County Fair

Posted 8/2/2017

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension hosted the morning camp

photo of Stokes Castle

Alleyah’s photograph of Stokes Castle

Eleven youth from Eureka and Lander Counties participated in the Greater Austin Summer Youth Photography Camp held in July. The camp offered a unique opportunity for youth to use photography as a way to tell others about the history of their community.

The community can view their photographs from camp at the upcoming Eureka County Fair (August 10-13, 2017). After the fair exhibit, photographs and related written descriptions may be featured in future Austin, Nev. tourism brochures and on its website.

The youth photography camp and the involvment of the artists in residence would not have been possible without support and/or funding provided by the National Endowment for the Arts, the Nevada Arts Council, the Lander County Convention and Tourism Authority, Newmont North America, Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, Austin Historical Museum, the Austin Historical Society, and St. Augustine’s Cultural Center Board. The project was a joint venture sponsored by the Lander and University of Nevada Eureka County Cooperative Extension offices as a youth outreach project that fulfills the University of Nevada Reno’s land grant mission.

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