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Give our community a gift, recycle your holiday tree!

Posted 11/29/2016

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension is one of many volunteer agencies on the committee

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Recycle your Christmas tree

Holiday trees are one of the most recognized traditions of the holiday season. They make our homes smell lovely, we can decorate them and they provide a beautiful focal point for gifts. But what happens after the holiday season? Most people simply throw their holiday tree away, yet when they are chipped into mulch, they become a valuable resource. This mulch is used in public gardens and parks across the valley to help conserve soil moisture and keep plants healthy. Recycling your holiday tree is a gift that will keep on giving back to the community.

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension has been involved for 12 years with the Southern Nevada Christmas Tree Recycling Committee. The Committee, consisting of local government agencies, volunteers and business entities, is asking southern Nevadans to give their community a gift and recycle their holiday tree this year.

The community has been recycling trees in southern Nevada for over 15 years and every year, a few more are recycled. Last year, southern Nevada residents recycled over 20,200 trees. Yet, as impressive as that is, that’s a small percentage of the 250,000 trees sold in the community. Last year, over 235,000 trees went to the landfill. Make a difference this year and recycle your cut, holiday tree.

The process is very simple! There are no fees to participate in this community effort; just a short amount of your time is all that is required. Everyone—residents, businesses and organizations—are asked to take their holiday tree to one of over 33 convenient drop sites between December 26 and January 15. Before dropping off your tree, please remove all non-organic objects such as lights, wire, tinsel, ornaments and nails. Foreign objects contaminate the mulch and damage the chipper. Flocked trees cannot be recycled.

To find locations near you, visit Cooperative Extension Clark County website. If you would like to speak to Cooperative Extension’s holiday tree recycling committee member, please email or call Angela O’Callaghan, social horticulture specialist, at 702-257-5581.

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