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5th Annual Healthy Kids Festival ready to roll in September

Posted 7/11/2016

It’s time to move with ‘All 4 Kids’

festival activity

Healthy Kids Festival activity 2015

To celebrate Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension’s All 4 Kids© Program and Clark County Parks and Recreation Department will sponsor the fifth annual Healthy Kids Festival (HKF) which will take place on Saturday, September 24, 2016.

The free festival, open to young children and their families, will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Whitney Recreation Center located at 5712 Missouri Ave., Las Vegas, Nev. Local community partners will come together to promote nutrition, physical activity, growing fruits and vegetables, healthy food tasting, music and dance instruction, BMI and health assessments, city/county recreation, sports and outdoor venues.

Unlike typical health fairs, each agency will provide interactive, hands-on experiences for children who visit their activity stations where a bingo-like game card is stamped. Donated prizes are used to promote completion of game cards given to children to encourage participation in all areas. Last year’s event presented childhood obesity awareness and prevention to almost 1000 attendees.

Reaching out and empowering families of young children is the key to successful, healthy living. Parents and families are invited to learn how to support and model positive and healthy eating habits, and to adopt physical activity in their young children’s daily routines.

First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Program is an initiative that begins with the child, the families and the school; then extends to the community, local and national government. Educating children at a young age will provide them with tools to make healthier choices and engage in active lifestyles throughout life.

Pre-registration is available online through For more information about the Healthy Kids Festival, email or call 702-940-KIDS (5437).

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