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Irrigation class scheduled in North Las Vegas

Posted 5/31/2016

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension offers free workshop at Research Center

Join University of Nevada Cooperative Extension on Saturday, June 18, for a one-day workshop on irrigation. The free, two-hour class, held at the Research Center and Demonstration Orchard, begins at 9 a.m.

With summer fast-approaching, it’s time to start thinking of our landscapes. As your plants grow, and your landscape changes, your irrigation needs change, too. No one type of irrigation is good for all plants. When you have a variety of plants in your landscape, you need a varied irrigation to accommodate those plants. Hint…there is more than one type of drip irrigation.

If you’d like to have a better understanding of your irrigation system, or you want to make your system more efficient, then this workshop is for you. Proper irrigation can prevent water waste and help you save money.

ML Robinson, environmental horticulturist, will help you discover the right type of irrigation for your landscape. The workshop, will cover different types of irrigation and how they are best used so you can figure out what would work best in your landscape. Homeowners and other interested parties are welcome to attend.

The Research Center is located at 4600 Horse Road, North Las Vegas, Nev. For more information, contact the Research Center Technician at 702-786-4361.

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