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Hands-on workshop offered on landscape insects

Posted 2/18/2016

Leaf-footed bug on a pomegranate.

Leaf-footed bug on a pomegranate.

Spend the day with an entomologist

Spend a day with an entomologist collecting insects, learning how to pin them and basic identification. Join Joy Paterson, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension’s Lyon County extension educator, on Thursday, March 3, as she answers questions about insects and identifies ways to reduce pests in the most effective and least toxic methods.

If you garden and want to know about pests in your garden this is the workshop for you. Paterson will answer as many questions as possible during each 4 hour, hands-on learning session. Participants will roam the gardens and collect insects, then bring them into the classroom and learn more about them. Specimens preserved will assist in starting a teaching collection for Cooperative Extension’s “Know Nevada Insects” program.

Two sessions of “Know Nevada Insects: Common Garden Pests and Beneficial Arthropods” will be offered to the public free of charge.

There is a limit of 20 persons per session. The first workshop runs 8 a.m.-noon and is open to adults only. The second workshop is 1-5 p.m. and is open to both children and adults. Children ages 10 and over may attend the afternoon session only if accompanied by an adult.

The workshop will take place at Cooperative Extension’s Demonstration and Test Gardens located at 8050 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, Nev. Pre-registration is required by calling the Master Gardener Help Desk at 702-257-5555.

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