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Breeding chameleons is topic of presentation

Posted 11/2/2015

Karen Venaas displays her favorite chameleons.

Karen Venaas displays her favorite chameleons. Photo courtesy of Karen Venaas

Join the December Herpetological Society meeting on Dec. 4

Find out what responsible chameleon keeping is all about at the Herpetological Society meeting on December 4. Join Karen Venaas, owner of The Chameleon Farm, as she shares her passion, experience, enthusiasm and knowledge about the chameleon’s breeding habits.

The meeting begins at 7 p.m. at the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension’s Lifelong Learning Center located at 8050 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, Nev.

“Always one to think big,” explained Venaas, “within months of getting my first chameleon I had collected several species with plans to begin breeding, rescuing and sharing knowledge with other keepers. I read everything I could find and cornered many long-term keepers and breeders with questions on everything chameleon related.”

Despite many ups and downs over the years, Venaas’ novice enthusiasm did not waver and she kept learning, experimenting, and happily keeping and breeding many lovely little chameleons.

“I’ve kept over a dozen different species and have bred several of them,” she commented.

Currently, Venaas is keeping fewer chameleons and working with less common species with a goal to have more captive-bred animals available in the trade besides the usual panthers and veileds. For her current breeding projects she has gone to extremes: working with a few species of the delicate little Pygmy chameleons as well as the very large and challenging Melleri chameleons.

For more information, email or call M.L. Robinson at 702-257-5529.

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