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Free classes at Acacia Park

Posted 9/2/2015

Denise McConnell conducting a class in a park.

Birds, Bees and Butterflies class conducted by Master Gardener Denise McConnell.

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners—for the 10th year--will offer free classes at Acacia Park during October. The classes are offered in partnership with the City of Henderson Parks and Recreation Department, and are published in “Henderson Happenings.” The classes will be taught by a Cooperative Extension volunteer Master Gardener instructors and begin at 9 a.m.

October 3: Fertilizer, Weeds and Insects. You do not need harmful chemicals to control your garden and yard pests. Nothing is more frustrating than weeds and insects that destroy your landscape or garden. Master Gardener Libby Powell will explain how add nutrients to the soil for gorgeous plants and still have a safe landscape for the family and pets. Learn to Scout your yard to control these problems before they become a costly fix.

October 10: Birds, Butterflies and Bees. Ever wonder how a bird that weighs less than a penny can fly 2000 miles? Ever wonder what bird that is, that makes a nest shaped like a football? Ever wonder what a bee and peanut butter have in common? Ever wonder what the difference is between a moth and a butterfly? Find out the answers and discover how birds, butterflies and bees contribute to the world food supply. You’ll learn simple tips on how to attract these wondrous creatures to your yard and how not to. Find out what ones live here all year and how to recognize them. Who knows, you may want a bee house in your own backyard right along with that bird house and butterfly house. Learn all this from Master Gardner Denise McConnell.

October 17: Growing Trees with Tree Care 101 and Pruning. Trees make up the structure of our landscape. Let’s learn how to irrigate correctly, fertilize as needed and prune properly for the care of your trees. The session will discuss why you prune, how to prune, as well as a look at the right tools for the job at hand. Bob Morris, Cooperative Extension faculty emeritus, will explain how good pruning leads to healthy long lived trees and better producers from the fruit trees that we might grow.

October 24: Let it Rot—Composting 101. Composting is a recycling process that turns nature’s trash into a vital healthy soil. It is a Great way to reduce waste and save valuable landfill space. Despite what some may say, composting is possible in this desert environment. Learn the basics of composting from Master Gardener Kristy McCumby-Hyland. This is an easy way to use kitchen and yard waste to help environment that is also good for your garden and landscape as well.

Pre-register through the City of Henderson by clicking Online Registration.

The Master Gardeners will have an “Ask a Master Gardener” table at the Park on the class day. Acacia Park is located at 50 Casa Del Fuego, Henderson, Nev. Master Gardener volunteers are also available to answer questions through email or the Home Gardening Help Line, 702-257-5555. The Help Line is staffed Monday-Friday from 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

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