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Mulch and organic compost available at Research Center

Posted 7/16/2015

Organic compost pile at the Research Center and Demonstration Orchard.

Organic compost pile at the Research Center and Demonstration Orchard.

Mulch is free; organic compost is $3 per 5 gallon bucket

Back by popular demand is the community mulch pile. This is coarse, organic wood mulch chipped from trees removed in the Las Vegas community. Rather than send this valuable resource to the landfill, the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Research Center and Demonstration Orchard is making it available to the community, free of charge.

This coarse mulch will not blow under high winds and allows good water and air penetration to the roots. It will decompose in a couple of years, adding organic matter to your soil, lowering the soil pH and encouraging soil microorganisms and worms. The Center uses four to six inches around the fruit trees.

Along with the mulch, organic compost is available $3 per 5 gallon bucket and $15 per tractor scoop.

The mulch and the compost are available for pick-up from the Research Center on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday mornings from 8 a.m. to noon. The mulch is free if loaded by the individual and only $2 per tractor scoop loaded. The Center is located at 4600 Horse Drive, North Las Vegas, Nev. For more information, contact the Research Center at 702-786-4361 or the Master Gardener Help Desk at 702-257-5555.

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