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Gardening in Small Places: organic gardening

Posted 5/13/2015

Dr. Angela O’Callaghan discussing organic pest control at a workshop.

Dr. Angela O’Callaghan discussing organic pest control at a workshop. Photo courtesy of Elaine Fagin

Join University of Nevada Cooperative Extension on Saturday, July 25, for a one-day workshop on Gardening in Small Places: organic gardening. The class runs from 8 a.m. to noon. There is a lot of talk about organic gardening, yet people have different ideas about what this means. Some think it means using no pesticides at all, while others think it means using non-GMO seeds. When in reality, organic gardening is so much more. If you are interested in finding out what organic gardening really means to your home garden, this is the class for you. Dr. Angela O’Callaghan will teach you the principles of organic gardening and how they apply to the home gardener. Homeowners and other interested parties are welcome to attend.

Class space is limited to 25 and pre-registration is required. There is a $25 fee per class which covers class materials.

To register for this class, held at the Lifelong Learning Center (8050 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, Nev.), email or call Elaine Fagin at 702-257-5573.

Other Gardening in Small Places workshop dates are July 11, The dirt on soil; August 22, Landscape design; September 19, Native plants; October 3, Tree selection; and November 21, Growing fruit at home.

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