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Master Gardener’s work awarded by City of Henderson

Posted 3/3/2015

Councilwoman Debra March with Debra Jacobson and Andrew Jacobson

Councilwoman Debra March with Debra Jacobson (center) and Andrew Jacobson at the awards presentation in December. Photo courtesy of the City of Henderson.

Cinnamon Ridge Homeowners Association wins award

Master Gardener training and expertise paid off for the Cinnamon Ridge Homeowners Association with the “Premiere Community Award” presented by the City of Henderson. University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Debra Jacobson brought her desert gardening knowledge and designed the desert-friendly landscaping. Acting as the Landscape Advisor for the Association, Jacobson assisted with this process.

“When I began this project a few years ago,” stated Jacobson, “there were holes from old landscape plants that were taken out and 15 year old trees and shrubs that were in bad shape.”

Jacobson used native desert plants*, contrasting rock and boulders and designed “pods” to serve as focal points throughout the one-quarter mile area along Burkholder Road. Inappropriate plants and shrubs were replaced with desert-hardy Agave, Yuccas, Ocotillo and Brittlebush, creating an award-winning landscape.

“The area just needed the right plant for the right place,” added Jacobson. One important irrigation issue was addressed—friction loss in irrigation lines. This was corrected by placing plants that need more water at the beginning of the irrigation line with the lower-water use plants towards the end. This not only made sense, it saved money.

Cinnamon Ridge Homeowners Association is located near Burkholder Road and Cloudcrest Drive in Henderson, Nev. Debra March, Councilwoman for the City of Henderson, presented the award to Debra and Andrew Jacobson at the Neighborhood Leadership Forum meeting in December. Mr. Jacobson is the president of the Cinnamon Ridge Homeowners Association.

Cooperative Extension’s Master Gardener program teaches community volunteers sustainable desert gardening techniques and design. If you would like more information on the program or have gardening questions, please email or call the Master Gardener Help Desk at 702-257-5555.

*Other desert-adapted plants incorporated in the landscape included: Red yucca - Hesperaloe parviflora; brittlebush - Encelia farinose; Agave Americana, A. palmeri, A. truncata, and A. Victoria; Desert spoon - Dasylirion wheeleri; Red and yellow bird of paradise -Caesalpinia pulcherrima & C. gilliesii; Ocotillo - Fouquieria splendens; Spanish bayonette - Yucca aliofolio; Spanish daggar - Yucca glorioso; Banana yucca - Yucca bacata; Giant sword - Hesperaloe funifera; Bottlebush ’little john’ - Callistemon ’little john’; and Juniper, buffalo - Juniperus sabina ’Buffalo’.

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