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MG’s honor volunteers and graduates

Posted 12/6/2012

It was “standing room only” as 133 Master Gardeners of Southern Nevada honored volunteers and program instructors at the December 5 monthly meeting. Community members who volunteered their expertise as instructors this past semester are: Dennis Swartzell, Board Certified Master Arborist, Dr. Bill Hodson, Dr. Libby Powell and Landscape Designer Denise McConnell.

Master Gardeners in Clark County Cooperative Extension regularly volunteer in excess of the 50 hours per year mandated by the program. Last year volunteers averaged 113 hours. At the December membership meeting milestone pins were presented to 61 Master Gardeners in recognition of their volunteer service since joining the Master Gardener program. The Las Vegas program, begun in 1992, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

Honored were: Richard Leifried-19,000 hours of volunteer service, Don Fabbi-15,250, Cliff Wood-8,000, Richard Cutbirth-6,500, Clara Hatz-5,500, Mary Rider-5,500, Jean Engelmann-4,750, Andy Anderson-4,250, Pat Westland-3,750, Jim Stone-3,500, Carol Wong-2,750, Rollie McHughes-2,500, Tom Grimm-2,500, Vicki Yuen-2,500, Dave Gaffney-2,000, Kimberly Williams-2,000, Regina Jewell-2,000, Larry Nelson-1,750, Yutaka Nomura-1,750, Debra Jacobson-1,500, Lonnie Baker-1,500, Virginia Smith-1,500, Jeanne Toscano-1,250, Lorene Zesiger-1,250, Barbara Hughes-1,000, Chuck Hanson-1,000, Janet Seidman-1,000, Marilyn Biggs-1,000, Rebecca Gonzalez-1,000, Henry Malen-750, Ira Kiyomura-750, Jeneane Young-750, Keith Thornton-750, Nancy Thomas-750, Theo DeAngelis-750, Bill Filipowski-500, Claudia Dossat-500, Etty Burton-500, Lisa Mosbey-500, Randy Dossat-500, Sonya McCullum-500, Carol Jones-250, Connie Gilmore-250, Diane Harrison-250, Jodi Starkey-250, Linda Cunningham-250, Louise Debien-250, Louise Watson-250, Rita Kubicki-250, Ruby Fickenworth-250, Susan Meason-250, Trev Brady-250, Valerie Landau-250, Anna Bowers-100, Anne Marie Lardeau-100, Billie Marr-100, Charlie McKee-100, Christy Mulligan-100, Devon M. Tilman-100, Lisa Hansen-100, Mary Wolfe-100.

Students from the Fall 2012 class who completed 80-hours of training and passed the final exam were welcomed into the program as Interns. They must complete 50 hours of volunteer service in order to become a Certified Master Gardener. Graduates from the Fall 2012 class were: Jane L. Bennett, Rick Byrd, Amy M. Campbell, Tod Canton, Don Cupp, Steve Custer, Mary Duensing, Damian FitzRoy, Laura Giuliano, Tony Gumataotao, Richard Hamilton, Ann Harnik, Deborah Hitt, Novella Holland, Julie Kaiser, Marianne Kot, Linda A. MacDonald, Myra Martindale, Kristy McCumby-Hyland, Megan McDonald, Jimmi Meyer, Benjamin Nance, Monica Neshat, Loretta Oakes, Paulo Petit, Nan Poskon, Robin Ramage, Leta Rehn, Catherine Richmond, Caitlin Roske, Felicia Saucedo, Judy Tobler, Lisa Vargas, Dave Welch, Maraea Yates.

More photos of the event are posted on Facebook.

Master Gardeners are experienced in successfully growing plants in the Mojave Desert — one of the hottest, driest and coldest of the North American deserts. This is an environment unfamiliar to many newcomers. By teaching what to plant and how to properly care for their landscapes or gardens, Master Gardeners save people money — on water, soil amendments and plant materials. Call the Master Gardener Help Line at 257-5555. For information on the Spring 2013 Training Class please email Antoinette Edmunds, Program Coordinator, or call 702-257-5587.

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