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Stronger Economies Together Meets in Lovelock April 11

Posted 3/26/2012

SET Training Continues Across Eight Counties of NW Nevada

Stronger Economies Together (SET) is designed to teach rural residents how working together can enhance local economies. The program kicked off with its Launch conference Feb. 16-17 in Fallon, followed by a March 14 workshop in Carson City. The Regional Team will now continue meeting once a month for the next seven months, with its next training workshop on April 11 at the Sturgeons in Lovelock.

On March 14, more than 40 residents of the Western Nevada Development District gathered in the Old Assembly Chambers of the Nevada State Capitol Building to further examine how to build a collaborative team to address economic development activities on a regional basis.

Participants worked in three small groups to define what is meant by economic development. The three definitions included many common terms and phrases such as employment opportunities, quality of life, job creation, a group of activities, and an increased standard of living. This activity helped group members develop a common language as they seek to create a regional blueprint to build the economies of the eight counties in the district. When asked to define "success" in economic development, one member said, "Success would be when a fifth-grader today can count on having a job here when they graduate from school."

Another eye-opening activity had the team divide into county residents and consider which of the economic clusters identified in Moving Nevada Forward: A Plan for Excellence in Economic Development 2012-2014 produced by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development are active in their county. Team members discovered that their counties have a great deal in common in regard to businesses already located in the region that are doing business within those clusters.

Other activities had team members consider how their region measures up against the key characteristics of successful regions. It was determined that this region needs improvement in every one of the characteristics in order to increase their chances of becoming a successful economic region.

The session concluded with an examination of who else should be recruited to be members of their regional team. Team members were asked to seek out representatives of groups that are not currently involved in the team, but are needed to broaden the participation of residents within the region.

The April 11 Lovelock session will focus on developing a vision for the region and how to create goals for the region to be successful in building a collaborative effort to enhance economic activity for local residents.

The Western Nevada Development District is comprised of the eight counties in rural Western Nevada: Carson City, Douglas, Lyon, Mineral, Churchill, Storey, Pershing and Humboldt as well as the incorporated cities and tribes within them.

SET is a collaborative effort of the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development, the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, and the University Center for Economic Development, and other federal, state and local entities working to enhance economic opportunities in Nevada.

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