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UNCE mentoring programs get recognition, grants

Posted 2/24/2012

4-H efforts provide academic and social opportunities for students

By Andrew Church

Lyon County 4-H Program Manager Jessica Angle and UNCE Area Director Loretta Singletary recently received a $28,000 grant from the National 4-H Council to expand an on-going mentoring program in Lyon County.

The traditional 4-H mentoring program, which is in its second year, works with Lyon County youth ages 10 to 14, and features one-on-one mentoring, 4-H and Family Night Out events. The program also partners with schools and many local organizations to create social events and opportunities for participants. Lyon County has received a total of $81,000 from National 4-H Council for this two-year program.

"About 90 percent of the participants in the program have never been in 4-H before," said Angle. "The integration of mentoring programs into Lyon County 4-H allows us to plan events that provide positive opportunities for the whole family. One of our events, the "Family Night Out," not only brings together families, but involves the community as well."

The new $28,000 grant that Angle and Singletary received from the National 4-H Council was awarded to develop a mentoring program aimed at working with tribal youth. The tribal mentoring program operates similarly to its counterpart, providing academic and social opportunities for tribal youth ages 10 to 17. The tribal mentoring program collaborates with the Yerington Paiute Tribe, Walker River Paiute Tribe and the local Native American club in the high school to integrate cultural aspects into the programming.

"The tribal mentoring program provides the opportunity for UNCE to reach a historically underserved audience," said Singletary. "Jessica has done a great job partnering with Nevada’s tribes to increase 4-H program involvement in reservation communities."

The Boys and Girls Club of Mason Valley is another partner with both mentoring programs, collaborating to develop Family Night Out events.

"An important part of our mentoring programs is to increase social, leadership, and academic life skills in youth," said Angle.

Angle said that one of the overarching goals of both mentorship programs is to develop a cycle of mentorship among students by allowing older students to tutor and support younger participants.

"The mentoring programs are a great way to encourage social skills and leadership in students. As students become older, they fill leadership roles and help the younger students. In turn, the younger students will also become mentors."

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