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“Eat Healthy, Be Active” provides quick tips for better eating

Posted 10/25/2011

A common misconception in today’s society is that healthy eating is both costly and time consuming. To address these myths, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Nutrition Specialist Mary Wilson demonstrates how consumers can use smart, quick and cheap methods for healthier living as part of UNCE’s “Eat Healthy, Be Active” campaign.

In a series of video shorts, Wilson offers various pieces of advice to consumers on healthier ways to prepare food. Rather than spending money on low-fat or lean products, Wilson shows consumers how they can easily remove saturated fats from beef and other products for no additional cost. Wilson also instructs how to make homemade tortilla chips and other foods in the kitchen without spending money on name-brand products.

Wilson also takes care to explain the importance of gauging and measuring serving sizes of foods. As proper nutrition is dependent on levels of consumption, Wilson provides consumers with the means to measure the calories and nutrients they are consuming.

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