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Apply now for NAF grants and scholarships

Posted 2/17/2011

Nevada Ag Foundation to recognize students and researchers

The Nevada Agricultural Foundation (NAF) seeks to strengthen Nevada farming with awards and grants for groups and individuals involved in research or education in the field.

NAF’s Education Assistance Awards (EAA) Program will award up to $50,000 in scholarships for applicants who show intent to follow an agriculture curriculum. Award recipients must enroll within the same year they are awarded the scholarship. Awards vary by major fields of study and amount.

NAF will also award $15,000 in Research and Development (R&D) grants to groups who seek to develop, enhance and sustain viable agriculture projects in Nevada. Projects may be planned for one to three years, and NAF funding may not exceed 50 percent of the total project budget. NAF grants will enhance existing and emerging research and development projects.

To apply for either an Education Assistance Award or R&D grant, visit the NAF website at and click on “Assistance” to get to the appropriate forms and information.

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