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Posted 4/16/2010

UNCE, Mineral County has decided to change the Armed Forces Day Youth Dance into a new event this year. We decided on the Armed Forces Day Dancing with the Stars.

Our attendance at the youth Arm Forces Day dance has been dwindling over the last 3 years and we did some brainstorming in the office on what we could do to bring our participation up at this event. Then, we had trouble finding a location on Main Street for the event and we seemed to hit road blocks wherever we went.

So, two weeks ago Ruby Ives, Kellie Zuniga and I came up with a brilliant idea. Well, we think it is brilliant anyway. We are going to hold a dancing with the stars event at Mineral County High School. This would pair up an adult community member with a high school, intermediate school, or elementary school student. Currently, there are 12 adults that have agreed to dance and we have 3 youth. It has been difficult to recruit the youth because of spring break. Next week, Ruby and Kellie will be on the hunt for youth that wish to participate and to fill out the roster for adults.

It is still being decided if a dinner will be served at the event as a fund raiser for a school entity. We are also still deciding on the price per ticket to the event. It is the goal of the event to showcase 15-20 dance teams in a dance competition. Isn’t this existing!! We are looking forward to your support of this event.

If you would like to participate in or volunteer at this event on Friday, May 14, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., please call Ruby Ives or Kellie Zuniga at the UNCE office at 945-3444. We would like to pair the dance teams up as soon as possible so that they can pick their music, design their costumes, and get their dance routine formulated.

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