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’Just in Time Parenting’ site offers wealth of information

Posted 4/7/2010

Extension experts offer timely age-paced advice and newsletters

by Robert Mills

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension (UNCE) and 29 other land-grant university extensions nationwide have assembled a wealth of parenting information available at the Web site called Just in Time Parenting.

The site includes age-paced newsletters, expert advice, baby facts sheets, frequently asked questions and news of upcoming parenting events.

The site also offers parents a monthly guide to their baby’s development from birth to 12 months, with tips on what to expect each month and advice that can benefit the whole family.

For information that can’t be found on the age-paced newsletters or FAQ sections, curious parents can "Ask an Expert." They will receive an answer to their query from an eXtension parenting expert.

The Web site (pronounced e-extension) is an interactive learning environment delivering information from Cooperative Extension experts from all over Nevada and the United States. The Web site includes reliable, research-based information on a broad range of topics for families, businesses, municipalities and small farms and ranches.

The public can also ask questions — from how to benefit from the federal stimulus plan to how to help babies who are teething — and they’ll get an answers vetted by experts from land-grant universities around the country.

For instance, one reader recently asked, "My baby has been teething for months now. Why haven’t her teeth come in yet?" She learned that it’s "not at all unusual for a baby to teethe steadily for months with no visible signs of teeth."

Aside from simply answering such questions, Just in Time Parenting experts provide facts and down-home remedies:

  • "My Grandmother used to offer my children a clean, damp washcloth she had placed in the freezer. It worked wonders on the soreness of their little gums."
  • "The American Dental Association suggests that a clean, cool small spoon or even your own clean finger will ease the pain."
  • "If teething seems too bad, you may want to talk to your doctor about an over-the-counter topical gel to help ease the pain."

Sometimes the best parenting advice can come from next door. In this case, it’s already in your home at Just in Time Parenting.

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