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UNCE launches online "Which one is the weed?" game

Posted 10/29/2009

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension has unveiled a new quiz game that challenges even the most advanced horticulturalists.

"Which One is the Weed?" dares players to guess which plants are invasive species and which are native plants based on a pair of photos. Many native plants and their invasive counterparts are almost identical — therein lies the challenge.

Players pick from 10 pairs of photos — each new pair contains a weed more difficult to identify than the last. At the end of each round, players receive the correct answer and an interesting factoid about the weed in question. For instance, did you know Scotch Thistle can grow 10 feet tall, and may have been used in Scottish moats to repel invaders? You do now.

Learn this and other facts by playing "Which One is the Weed?"

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