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County 4-H leaders and teens attend State Leaders Forum in Churchill County

Posted 3/17/2009

Four Humboldt County 4-H leaders and three teen leaders attended the Nevada 4-H Leaders’ Forum which was held March 13-14 in Fallon, Nevada.

The Leaders Forum is a gathering for adult volunteers and teen leaders from across the state. They came together to learn new skills related to 4-H project and club work, meet and network with other leaders, and become familiar with new 4-H concepts and guidelines. Those who attended from Humboldt County came away from the Forum with new ideas and skills to use with the youth they work with in their projects and clubs.

Highlights of the Forum included A Taste of Nevada dinner which showcased all of the agricultural products that are produced in the state. There was a Share Fair which allowed each county from around the state to showcase what is currently taking place within their respective counties. Saturday was filled with workshops for all participants, a keynote speaker, educational youth activities and a banquet to round out the event.

All leaders within the Nevada 4-H program were recognized at the banquet. The participants from Humboldt County were each awarded a carnation for their years of service to the program — Ashley Seale, one year; Lynn Lindsay, nine years; Randi Fretwell, 12 years and Judy Henigin, 12 years. The 4-H Teen Leaders representing Humboldt County at the Forum were Megan Barton, Jasmine DeSpain and Jessica Lindsay.

Sharon Barton, Humboldt County 4-H Program Coordinator, Volunteer and Events Specialist, felt that everyone in attendance came away with valuable information that they would be able to take back to their counties and implement in their clubs, projects and programs. It was a great opportunity to expand their knowledge of 4-H, enjoy quality workshops, outstanding speakers, presenters and instructors and enjoy great food and fantastic 4-H fellowship.

The Nevada 4-H Leaders’ Forum was made possible by the contributions of many sponsors including Winnemucca Farms and Nevada Pork Producers Association. A big thank you to all of the sponsors for their continued support of the 4-H program, state and county wide.

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