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Project “Towards No Drug Abuse” (TND) to be taught in 8thGrade Class in Mineral County

Posted 3/10/2009

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, Mineral County will provide a project “Toward No Drug Abuse “to the 8th grade classes. Project TND is an effective drug abuse prevention program that targets school-age youth. It was developed by Steve Sussman, Ph.D. and staff at the Institute for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Research, in the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California. Locally, Kellie Zuniga from University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, TND Coordinator, will be administering the program.

Teenage substance abuse nationally has been increasing each year since 1991, and may lead to an increase in the percentage of youth who suffer from substance abuse disorders. In spite of this increase, however, relatively little research has been completed on adolescent substance abuse as compared to adult substance abuse Adolescent substance abuse may differ from adult abuse in at least four ways. First, regular use may or may not be considered abuse in adults, whereas, it might be considered abuse in youth because of the potential of such use to interfere with developmental growth and adjustment tasks. Second, adolescents may tend to exhibit less physical dependence and fewer physical problems related to use(alcohol in particular) and consume lower quantities of substances overall ( exhibiting more bingeing —type behavior). Third, high-risk situations may be different for adolescents than they are for adults; in particular, adolescents may be relatively likely to use drugs in situations in which they are not responsible for the caretaking of others. Finally, adolescents may have a higher likelihood of suffering social consequences specified to adolescence (e.g. problems at school, statutory difficulties and truncated development).

Information was taken from Project Towards No Drugs web site

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