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Web site helps people cope with finances

Posted 12/31/2008

A nationwide educational network affiliated with the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension has created new Web resources to help Nevadans deal with the financial crisis.

The Financial Crisis Web site from eXtension can be accessed through the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Web site or by going to

The American Psychological Association’s 2007 Stress in America survey found that money and work are two of the top sources of stress for almost 75 percent of Americans. To address those concerns, eXtension provides contact to more than 3,000 local Cooperative Extension offices with professionals who can answer questions on personal finance or provide background on economic issues.

Specific articles and resources include:

  • How to avoid a mortgage crisis
  • Debt management in tough times
  • Keeping a roof overhead
  • Making extra money
  • Surviving and thriving in difficult economic times
  • Job loss affects children, too
  • Look for places to cut personal spending
  • Economists: tough measures needed to cure economic ills
  • Stretch your food dollar: keep food safe

Almost every state in the U.S. has Financial Crisis information available to supplement eXtension, whose systemwide search tool can reveal local resources to answer questions.

Experts from are also are available to answer specific consumer questions. With an easy-to-follow form, Web site viewers can identify a specific category, ask their question and quickly receive an answer from an industry expert.

Some resources, for instance, provide creative suggestions for inexpensive social activities for individuals and families or on ways to stretch nutrition dollars at the grocery store such as:

Have a family game night, go for bike rides, and bake or cook together as a family.

Take advantage of free programs offered by the library, museums, and community bands or orchestras, or other free community events.

Invest in staple foods like canned fruit, tuna, or sauces when they are on sale.

Plan meals around items that are on sale, especially costly items like meat and fish.

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