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2008 Lyon County 4-H Awards Ceremony

Posted 11/26/2008

The Lyon County 2008 4-H Awards Ceremony was held on Sunday, November 9, 2008 at the Yerington Elementary School Multi-Purpose Room. Youth and volunteer Leaders were recognized for their service and achievement in 4-H.

Along with completing individual Projects, 4-H Members are asked to turn in Portfolios at the end of the 4-H year. Portfolios identify Member activities and accomplishments in the current year, as well as provide a record of past performance. 4-H seeks to develop skills in youth valuable for their entire lives; Portfolio creation is one of the methods by which youth develop competency in the record-keeping life-skill. Exemplary Portfolios are recognized at Awards Ceremonies in categories of Grand Champion, Reserve Champion and Blue Ribbon.

Members submitting Grand Champions Portfolios were: Chris Turk (Senior), Malia Quam (Junior) and Jessie Johnston (Intermediate). Reserve Champions included Andi Bolstad (Senior), Amanda Van Pelt (Senior), Klamath Henry (Junior), and Levi Merlin (Intermediate). The Blue Ribbon portfolio award winners were Chelsea Wafler (Senior), Connor Siggins (Senior), Allison Ruck (Junior), Anastasia Harrison (Junior), MaKalyla Vaughan (Intermediate).

High School Seniors Chris Turk, Andi Bolstad, and Amanda Van Pelt were acknowledged for their excellence in 4-H. Chris received the Distinguished 4-H Member Award, while both Andi and Amanda earned the All Star Rank Award, (the highest Star Rank based on excellent cumulative 4-H work).

Emma Allen was recognized for 33 years of valuable service and dedication to 4-H. Staff and participants extend our heartfelt appreciation to her for tireless efforts. 4-H is dependent on volunteer Leaders willing to donate their time, labor and knowledge to help develop young people.

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