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4-H youth demonstrate water conservation, Oct. 8

Posted 9/29/2008

"Nevada 4-H youth go green"

Nevada 4-H youth celebrate the first annual 4-H National Youth Science Day with a demonstration of how well hydrogel polymers absorb water and can be used in environmental applications, in three locations:

  • What: 4-H National Youth Science Day Demonstration
  • When: Wednesday, October 8, at 4 p.m.
  • Where:
    • University of Nevada, Reno Campus - Knowledge Center Randall Rotunda
    • Carson City/Storey County Cooperative Extension Office - 2621 Northgate Lane
    • Las Vegas Cooperative Extension Office - 8050 Paradise Road
  • Contact: Steve Schafer, 4-H youth development coordinator, (775) 784-6207

"This new national science experiment is a good opportunity for 4-H youth to get excited about science and demonstrate science principles that teach the importance of water conservation," said Karen Hinton, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension dean and director.

Under the supervision of water scientists, 4-H youth will demonstrate how well hydrogel polymers (long molecule chains that grab onto water molecules) absorb water (1) from a disposable diaper; and (2) from potting soil in an experimental soaker. A short discussion will follow about the effectiveness of this technology in environmental conditions, such as indoor and outdoor gardening.

This national science initiative—an activity of National 4-H Week, Oct. 5-11—hopes to inspire the 6 million 4-H members to explore scientific careers, and in turn, make a difference in their communities.

House Resolution 1390, passed Sept. 22, recognizes 4-H National Youth Science Day because "the need for science education, especially outside the classroom, is crucial to our country’s ability to remain globally competitive."

Youth or adults interested in gaining greater skills in Nevada’s science, engineering and technology (SET) program, may contact Steve Schafer, 4-H youth development coordinator, (775) 784-6207, or

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