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Agricultural Water Summit to be held in Winnemucca

Posted 9/16/2008

Bringing water users together to talk about the future of Nevada’s water is the purpose of the Agricultural Water Summit that will be held Nov. 14 in Winnemucca.

"Nevada’s agricultural producers and other water users are concerned about the potential ramifications of interbasin water transfers," said Tony Lesperance, director of the Nevada Department of Agriculture. "We want to get these folks together to hear what is happening and ask a few questions."

The agenda will include a history of Nevada before ranching and farming were part of the landscape. Allen Biaggi, Director, Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, will give an overview and history of interbasin transfers, discuss the changing demands on surface and ground water in Nevada, and explain the requirements and process of review and approval of interbasin transfers.

A representative from the Southern Nevada Water Authority will explain who the water users/stakeholders are, their competing values and interests, how water is put to beneficial use, the science that supports a beneficial use, and how water debates in Nevada are a microcosm of larger water debates occurring worldwide.

The Summit is being held in conjunction with the Nevada Cattlemen’s/ Cattlewomen’s Convention in Winnemucca. To register, contact the NCA at (775)738-9214 or visit them online at

For more information about the Summit, contact Ed Foster, Nevada Department of Agriculture, (775) 688-1180; Evan Fulton, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, (702) 948-5907; or Liz Warner, Natural Resources Conservation Service, (775) 875-8500 x 105.

The Summit is sponsored by the Agricultural Council of Nevada, Nevada Cattlemen’s Association, Nevada Department of Agriculture, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, Nevada Agricultural Foundation, and USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.

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